Peace Education Network - Nepal (PENN)

Peace Education Network - Nepal (PENN)
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Our Commitments

  1. Education materials, school uniform and other essentials for disadvantaged girls

  2. Immediate support for the students affected from violence

  3. Providing non-violence and peace education training to teachers

  4. Guidance to the family and school management committees for creating safe and enabling environment for girl’s education


Our Partners

Member schools, individual members, Individual donors and volunteers, organizations and Local Governments


PENN Resource Book


1. Akshyakosh Const. English Copy


3. Paper for Workshop on Peace Education by Min. of Youth and Sports Nov 21-23, 2011

4.  Summary Report on LTLT


6. PENN Resource Book, Vol-V, 2023

7. Education Support Scheme January 2023

8. PENN 11th AGM Resolution 2023

9. PENN website launch brochure

10. PENN 11th AGM

11. PENN Bulletin Vol 4

Our Action

  • Marking of UN International Peace Day, 21 September, and promoting the agenda of peace regularly in Nepal

  • Advocated and provided technical support to include peace education in school curriculum

  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Private School’s Association Nepal (PABSON) and trained over 500 school-teachers on peace and non-violence pedagogy

  • Publishing a PENN Newsletter documenting major peace education related activities in Nepal

  • Providing education support to the disadvantaged girls

  • Planning to begin immediate support for the students affected from school violence

  • Advocating for creating safe and enablingenvironment for quality education in Nepal 


How to Support PENN

  • Support Peace Education Core Fund for the marginalised girls’ education and to ensure immediate support for the students affected from school violence or Support for girls’ education in Nepal.

  • Contribute to PENN Permanent Fund (akshayakosh) and gain network approach to school children.

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